Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red in theaters now

I managed to see a new movie for once! I was splurging for my birthday.

Red is hilarious. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Richard Dreyfuss, and Mary-Louise Parker star in this action comedy based on a DC comics graphic novel about four Retired and Extremely Dangerous (RED) CIA agents who must pull out their old skills to avoid assassination and find out who's on their tails after all these years. Bruce Willis is Frank, a retired operative who's in love with a woman he's only ever talked to on the phone (Mary-Louise Parker), when he fakes losing his retirement checks in the mail. After an assassination attempt on Frank, they are both in danger and head out across the country to gather the old team and make one last stand together.

It sounds funny, and it is. But it's not PG13 for nothing. Violence (but not gore), killing, and a few instances of foul language come in the package. It's a movie that's so far over the top of reality that you laugh at the violence when if it were at all plausible, you would not. Truthfully, I almost felt bed laughing at moments, and you'll want to be cautious when taking younger kids to see this glorification of murder and mayhem. But mature audiences will appreciate the physical and verbal comedy and enjoy watching a stately, queen-roleplaying actress like Helen Mirren get down and dirty with a big gun.

The guys all love this one!

Three stars for a great, laugh-out-loud popcorn movie.

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