Monday, July 2, 2012

Brief Takes on Man on a Ledge and Chronicle

Here are my brief takes on a couple movies I've seen recently. They aren't worth full reviews, but because interest in them might be high, they warrant a few comments.

Man on a Ledge (2012 drama thriller out on DVD now, rated PG-13): don't bother. From the previews, it seems kind of cool, but really, nothing much happens, and what does happen is forgettable. Premise: an escaped convict (and former cop) will go to any lengths to prove he is innocent of diamond theft. I guess going to any lengths means he'll enlist the help of his brother and brother's hot girlfriend. The only reason they pull anything off is sheer luck. Believability rating: one star.

Chronicle (2012 sci-fi thriller out on DVD now, rated PG-13, 84 minutes): depressing and messed up. The cool factor of this movie comes from the way it is filmed: entirely through personal video cameras, security cameras, and phones. It's very much like Cloverfield, only less jumpy. Premise: three teens get superhuman powers and begin to experiment with what they can do. Message: if you are a loner who's bullied by both father and peers and lacks social skills, getting a new handle on life doesn't make the anger go away. This is not a feel-good movie about superheroes. It's more about self-destruction. The creative filming sucks you in...right a black hole. Positivity rating: one star.

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  1. I saw "Chronicle." I understand where you're coming from. It was a depressing movie. I didn't react to it as badly as you did. I realized it was a tragedy and accepted it as such. Did I wish it had turned out better? Yes. Unfortunately, some people don't make the choices to be better.


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