Saturday, January 15, 2011

Knight and Day on DVD

Just watched Knight and Day on DVD this evening. What a quirky, funny, original movie! It's an odd pairing: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I don't particularly love either actor, although Cruise has some neat action flicks. Knight and Day is a cross between Mission Impossible and The Holiday, a serious agents-and-gunfire setting in a romantic comedy, neither one outweighing the other but each outstanding enough to have you laughing one moment and saying, "Hey, that's cool!" the next.

Plot: Roy is an agent on a rogue mission, and June is just an innocent bystander Roy uses to get where he needs to be, but when June is placed in harm's way by Roy's actions, he proves willing to do absolutely anything to keep her safe while continuing to execute his own plans.

Sure, the movie has its cliches, clever cliches, I would dare to suggest, especially the parallelism at the end of this chick flick guys will dig. But the minute twists and turns make the end result charming rather than cringe-worthy. This is a great date movie. Check it out!

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