Monday, January 10, 2011

Stargate Universe: Season One on TV

Just want to say that I love this show! I have watched bits and pieces of other Stargate shows, and they were entertaining enough, but not like this new Stargate with a completely new cast. I just wish I had stuck with Stargate Universe while it was on TV and not waited to finish the second part of season one on Netflix because I just finished season one on Netflix and I am dying here! The first half of season two has been aired, and I won't be able to watch it when it comes back on TV because it isn't on Netflix yet and I have to catch up! Ah!

In Stargate Universe, our characters jumped through the gate onto an ancient ship traveling farther from Earth than anyone has ever been, and here's the catch: they can't jump back, at least not in their own bodies (intrigued yet?). So, they are trying to find some sort of life aboard Destiny (their ship's name) as it travels the stars and leads them past dangerous new planets.

Stargate Universe is darker, in some ways, than the other Stargate shows, but the characters are brilliant and the stakes are high and always rising. It's deeper than other Stargate shows that I've seen, too, delving into human emotion and desperation. It's amazing storytelling, and I just hope I don't forget the many plot points spiraling completely out of control without resolution in sight by the time I get to watch more of this show. Don't you love it when a story does that to you? Great writing, even if you hate the writers for leaving you hanging!

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