Saturday, January 28, 2012

Abduction on DVD

Someone really needs to riff (Check out what I mean at!) Abduction. Taylor Lautner, the werewolf love interest of the Twilight movies, stars as a teen who discovers his picture on a missing persons' website and, as a result, becomes the target of three different groups in a life-or-death chase.

I can already hear the beginning riff lines as the movie opens with a shot over trees (big Twilight vibe!), and then Lautner plays a part that reminds you a lot of his character (post-werewolf transformation) from Twilight. So much to make fun of!

I wanted to see this movie after seeing the trailer, but when I finally got to watch it on DVD, I didn't like Lautner at first. He's initially portrayed as a wild kid, on his way to a party, and he's a bit disrespectful to his parents when caught. But then his parents start to be cool, and their relationship shows some depth. I just wish the movie would have shown that you can be crazy and cool without going to parties and getting drunk or doing anything illegal. I'm glad his parents do punish him.

The movie goes back and forth between cheesy and intense. When the plot is being driven forward, the movie stands strong, but when the plot lags and the love interest shows up, it gets a tad painful. This is an action flick with a romantic side that kind of stumbles along and slows your heartbeat to a dull hiccup amidst the shooting and martial arts. Lautner shines best when he gets to show off his moves, but on the love side of things, he kind of plays a one-note tune. He's sweet, but his syrupy half-smile was already used in another movie. I'd like to see something different.

And then there's the title: it's completely misleading. No one is actually abducted in the movie! I guess the implication when Lautner's character finds his picture online is that he was kidnapped as a child, but you quickly figure out that's not quite the case. I won't spoil any more, but the title is all wrong.

Abduction is rated PG-13, and I find that rating acceptable. Though a sex scene is started, it isn't finished, and most of the clothes stay on. There's shooting and fight scenes. People die. Normal PG-13 violence: not too bad. I guess there's brief language, too, but I don't remember hearing it.

Overall, it's a decent movie, if you don't mind mushy, awkward romantic scenes. Three stars.

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