Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in Theaters Now

My husband was dying to see this, and though I'm not as big of a Mission: Impossible fan, I thought it would be fun, too. So, we went to Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol for our anniversary. By the way, the first movie we ever saw together in theaters was Minority Report. I swear (though not literally), we don't have a thing for Tom Cruise, great actor that he may be. We do, however, have a thing for good action. M:I-4 is awesome action, and not the kind that's totally unbelievable either. I mean, it's "impossible" stuff, but in the confines of the movie, it comes across as real enough.

I'm not going to compare it to the other M:I movies because, honestly, I don't remember them much. There are iconic scenes still in my mind, but I don't know if I even watched the others in theaters.

In M:I-4, Ethan Hunt is in jail for unknown reasons (to us, anyway). He's broken out by the people who become his team for an unsanctioned mission for the rest of the movie. Four people against the world. It involves stopping nuclear war, but that's hardly important, just the construct for a bunch of mind-blowing stunts, which is what Mission: Impossible has mostly always been about. If you like more realistic stuff than the average nowadays, M:I-4 still has bodies getting knocked around far more than fragile flesh and bone should be able to endure, but the stunts seem possible in their own way. And the nice thing about the fight scenes is that our heroes don't come out unscathed. But even broken, they continue to fight. Whether or not you're a fan of realism, that's still cool.

I do have to mention that at the beginning of the movie, I saw an actor I recognized from the TV show Lost, which I loved. The wonderful Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer. I was so excited. I was, like, "Hey, Josh Holloway's in this movie! Oh...no he's not." Because by then he was shot. But it was still great to see him on the big screen for a few seconds.

Besides the cool stunts, Mission: Impossible is great because the good guys win. And this ending is good. I don't want to spoil the surprises, but some highlights to watch out for are a chase in a sand storm, a climb on the outside of a crazy-tall hotel that would have anybody scared of heights, and a fight in a car garage in India. Great stuff.

There's a little cleavage, but otherwise, this is a clean movie, rated PG-13 for intense action and violence. It's awesome. It's funny. It's even a little heartwarming. And it's certainly a nail-biting thriller. At least, I'm down one.

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